General Notes / Terms and Conditions:


When purchasing an excursión from Shore Adventure Tours, we will revise all the information related to your ship’s arrival date, arrival time, departure times, etc to assist you the best manner possible. However, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure all booking details are in accordance with their cruise itinerary and time differences between Ships Time vs Local Time.


Description, images, and information listed on the Shore Adventure Tours website page are elaborated by Shore Adventure Tours an authorization of the vendor was required prior to publishing. If your excursion does not reflect the description or in case of a complaint, the issue must be addressed/resolved with the local operator-Beach Club while you are on site. (Shore Adventure Tours may not be held responsible after the fact).


Shore Adventure Tours as many other website companies are not affiliated with the cruise lines/Hotels in any manner. The information we have is the same information you can find on different Internet websites. Every guest is welcome to use their own source or maybe ask your cruise line directly for assistance about it (Itinerary, Time differences, etc). However, Shore Adventure Tours and local operators are not responsible for the information received from companies not related to us.


If your cruise ship makes a change to their schedule/Itinerary and they notify you about it before/during the cruise, please try to contact Shore Adventure Tours immediately and share a copy from the new itinerary/arrival time to port all guest received from the cruise lines representative/agency, etc- Such information will be used to re-accommodate your excursión arrival date,  departure time with our local operator-beach club. If such change is acceptable by our local operator(s) we will provide a new ticket showing all the necessary changes/ updates in regards to your reservation.


Our Local operator/Vendors reserve the right to make changes to their departure times listed on your excursión ticket upon you meet them/arrive at the facilities, equipment/vehicle availability, failure, weather, etc. Such changes may be due to safety concerns due to weather condition, late arrivals from your cruise, etc. If the changes notified by our local operator(s) upon your arrival goes against your plan on that date upon your arrival to Cozumel please, do not take the excursion or walk-in / use the beach facilities, if you do it and agree to their changes and pay for it NO refunds will be granted.


If you followed up with the note/ request mentioned above and would like your refund back, please do NOT open a dispute /claim with PayPal. Their refund charge process may cost up to $80.00 in fees.  So, we highly suggest to contact us following the notes mentioned above to assist you. Refunds can only be processed to the same credit card used at the time of payment on site or linked to the online purchase made from our website/PayPal account.


If our local operator/vendor decides to cancel the excursion due to weather conditions or similar situations, a full refund is granted to our customer. All we kindly ask you to do is: Email us within 14 working days from the date registered on your ticket and request a refund along with a brief information about the issue, etc. If the customer fails to show up at the designated meeting location and time, no refund will be granted. If the customer decides to abandon the tour at a certain time, no refund will be granted and the customer is responsible for its own transportation back to the ship/Hotel own expense. As we are not affiliated to the cruise lines/hotels etc in any manner so, therefore the ONLY authorized people/companies allowed to cancel our excursión(s) are Shore Adventure Tours or Local Operators upon arrival.


If group rates provided by Shore Adventure Tours, such quote/pricing are based on the number of participants agreed between Shore Adventure Tours and Group Leader or customer, no refunds will apply if the group and final number does not match with the previous number of guests agreed. If the number of participants changes within 7 days prior the arrival date then Shore Adventure Tours agree to make the necessary changes to refund the difference after you notify the Company as mentioned before (Via email request, Phone call or Live Chat).


Each customer is responsible to verify the excursion restrictions, minimum age, and requirements. If one or more of these requirements or restrictions are not fulfilled, no refund will be granted by Shore Adventure Tours or Local Operator/Beach Clubs. Prices shown on Shore Adventure Tours website are in (USD) United States Dollars. If purchased in another currency. Shore Adventure Tours reserve the right to change the price of an excursion at any time. Any bookings confirmed by Shore Adventure Tours before a price change will be honored. Shore Adventure Tours is responsible to grant refund (minus the below-specified processing fees) if a certain excursion is canceled prior to the time specified in the excursion specific cancellation policy.


Additional charges may apply if canceled later than the indicated time-frame as vendors have limited capacity and will not be able to fill your space after this time. All cancellations, partial cancellations, and refunds made after 55 days of booking are subject to a PayPal processing fee of approximately 3.5% to 5% (applied to online booking payment only) as determined and automatically applied by PayPal.