Shore Adventure Tours is responsible to grant refund (minus the below-specified processing fees) if a certain excursion is canceled prior to the time specified in the excursión/Activity. Additional charges may apply if canceled later than the indicated timeframe as vendors have limited capacity and will not be able to fill your space after this time. All cancellations, partial cancellations, and refunds made after 55 days of booking are subject to a PayPal processing fee of approximately 5% (applied to online booking payment only) as determined and automatically applied by PayPal. Cancellations made within the 55 days time frame of booking are not subject to any fees.

Please, request your cancellation on time at the following email

Important Note:

Chargebacks that are decided in favor of Shore Adventure Tours are subject to an administrative processing fee of $50.00 USD, charged to the client’s credit card (unauthorized chargeback).